How to Clean your RIMOWA Case

So, you just got back from a wonderful trip and  your luggage comes off the carousel covered in stickers, and not the fun kind you put on yourself, but airport stickers that are seemingly impossible to peel off and scuffed!

We have the solutions to cleaning these stickers and scuffs off your case!

Option 1: Utilize RIMOWA Toronto’s Services

Bring them into us!

At RIMOWA Toronto we offer a Complimentary Tune-up Service. This is a hands-free, mess-free way for you to clean your bag. Bring it here and let us handle the dirty work.

RIMOWA Toronto 101-101 Bloor St. West

RIMOWA Toronto 101-101 Bloor St. West

If visiting the Toronto store is not an option for you, no need to fret!

Option 2: Clean at Home

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of those stickers:

Polycarbonate Cases

(Salsa Air, Salsa, Salsa Deluxe, Limbo, Bolero, Bossa Nova)

Poly Carbonate Cases (Bossa Nova Collection)

Polycarbonate Cases (Bossa Nova Collection)

Before you clean:

  • Always use wet or at least damp tools for cleaning

  • To remove dust and dirt particles, a cloth or soft sponge dampened with clean, clear water is sufficient.

  • We recommend using fine chamois leather, soft cloths, microfiber cloths or sponges to avoid damage to the surface of the suitcase.

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RIMOWA Polish & Repair Paste

At many RIMOWA stores you can purchase the RIMOWA Polish & Repair paste. The repair paste can be used to clean spots, scratches and abrasions.

How to use:

1) Spread the paste on the case using a cloth

2) Polish in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes

3) Rinse off with warm water

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Isopropanol and RIMOWA microfiber cloth

This is the RIMOWA Microfiber cloth we use for in store cleaning. We also use Isopropanol.


Isopropanol is available at drug stores, such as this one,  “Life Brand” from Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Isopropanol works when added to the cloth to clean dirt marks, remove stickers and left behind goo from stickers.


Stickers can also be removed by applying a short blast of hot air at a maximum temperature of 80° Celsius. You can use a hair dryer and shake over area. Do not hold the blow dryer still over an area, left still over an area for an extended amount of time could case the polycarbonate to heat up and disfigure. Residue from soap can also be cleaned with the Isopropanol.

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The best two products to clean your RIMOWA


1) Scouring detergents, abrasive cloths or sponges they will remove the shine from the polycarbonate.

2)Window cleaning agents, vinegar-based cleaners and disinfectants or goo-gone.

3) Solvents, dilutions and aggressive alcohols

4) Petroleum distillates (white spirit/petrol) or nail polisher remover


(Topas, Topas Titanium, Topas Stealth, Classic Flight, Pilot Cases, Attachès)

The Aluminum cases are very easy to maintain. Dents, nicks and scratches are all normal wear on the aluminum cases and provide a well-traveled aesthetic and patina to be proud of. The travel stickers add-on to this aesthetic.

Top Shelf: Topas Beauty Case, Large Attache, Small notebook case Bottom Shelf: Classic Flight Collection, carry-on, 26

Top Shelf: Topas Beauty Case, Large Attache, Small notebook case
Bottom Shelf: Classic Flight Collection, carry-on, 26″ and 30″

25 year old suitcase adorned with stickers

How to remove stickers:

1) A blast of hot air from a home blow dryer.

2) Use Isopropanol (pictured above under polycarbonate instructions) or water to loosen the stickers.

3) If there is a particularly tough sticker soak it with water or Isopropanol (recommended) for a short time and then use a blow dryer and scrap off.


1) Abrasive cleaning agents

2) Metal scourers, such as steel wool.

These products can cause damage and scratch the surface.

If you are still left with questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.