Why you need the new RIMOWA Electronic Tag: The future is now

 How does the electronic tag work? And how does it help you travel better?


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RIMOWA’s Electronic Tag ensure that your bag makes it from point A to point B, so you can rest assured and travel stress free knowing your bag will make it to the same destination as you.

While 2015 saw a decline in lost bags, SITA Baggage Report 2016 still reported 23.1 million bags mishandled, 6.5 bags lost per 1,000 passengers.

In 2015 alone, mishandled bags cost the airline industry $2.3 billion.”

These losses can be due to many factors, but the number one factor of lost cases is the printed sticker-tag coming off. Without this one, very important sticker, your bag left alone leaves no clue of its possible destination. These tags at the end of the day are simply stickers, making them incredibly vulnerable to becoming lost. If they get wet they could lose their stick, it could be accidentally pulled off or stick to another case if not applied perfectly.

The RIMOWA Electronic Tag allows you to electronically check your case in with Bluetooth and automatically sync your baggage tag onto the screen on your case. No more sticker, no possibility of it falling off, resulting in a staggering decrease in lost luggage.

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The steps of the E-Tag

RIMOWA is known for setting the benchmark for travel standards. RIMOWA was the first company to use aircraft aluminum, the first to use the lightweight material polycarbonate, the first to use a Multiwheel system® and holds a handful of patents for other incredibly functional designs, like the Flex Divider® system on the interior.

And now, RIMOWA is doing it again.

The Electronic Tag is an electronic check-in system, much the same way you check yourself in.

Once upon a time, travelers would head to the airport and line up to check-in to their flight and have a boarding pass printed. Now you can check yourself in 24 hours before your flight and save yourself a lot of time. The concept is the same with your suitcase, a logical, revolutionary next step. Check your bag in on your RIMOWA or airline app before you ever reach the airport. Skip long line-ups, tiresome waits, and easily destroyed printed, sticker tags. Gone will be the days of showing up 3 hours before your international flight.

Easy as…

1, 2, 3

1. Sync your case with the RIMOWA App. This connects with Bluetooth. Once the app is synced you have options to add multiple bags and bag-tag info (name, address, etc).

If you are travelling with an Airline not yet equipped for the Electronic tag, you can display all your info with an Electronic luggage tag, rather than a hang tag:

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Luggage tag info

2. Check in at home.


Check in digitally at home

Check in digitally at home using Bluetooth, using the RIMOWA/ airline app. Once added your baggage tag will be displayed directly on your case:

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Electronic Tag on Bossa Nova

3. When you get to the airport, simply drop your case off, loaded with the Electronic tag and ready to go.


Find the dedicated drop-off area for electronically checked bags and simply drop your case off, without treacherous wait times.


*RIMOWA Electronic tag, is a brand-new, revolutionary system that is integrated directly into the bags. Both your suitcase and airline need to be equipped. RIMOWA launched the Electronic Tag with Lufthansa first and is working on rolling out with all other airlines as quickly as possible. Eva Air became the second airline equipped with the Electronic Tag technology.

You can stay up-to-date with what airline currently uses the Electronic Tag check in system and which airlines are in testing on the RIMOWA website here!

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