How to customize your very own E-Tag!

Every RIMOWA Electronic Tag comes with the ability to customize the tag with your info and now also your language, initials and photo; there are templates provided or you can add your own.

Here we will show you how to add your bag and customize your display, which you can use in place of a luggage tag when you are not using the Electronic check in system.

Step 1:

Open RIMOWA App. From the drop menu on the right select “MY SUITCASES”.

Step 2:

Choose your already added bag, or select ADD SUITCASE.

To add your suitcase, make sure you have your case near you, as the connection works on Bluetooth and needs to be within range.

Press and hold the power button located on the inside your suitcase under the dome on the backside of your Electronic Tag.

Once the bag is found a unique number will appear on your Electronic Tag screen that you will need to enter into the app.

Once this is complete you are ready to make your personalized display.

Step 3:

From the home page in the RIMOWA app, select ‘My Tags’ from the right slide menu and select ‘Create Display’.

This will open your Tag display page where you can customize and see what the Tag will look like on your case. You can add templates from the app or add your own photo by selecting ‘Select Image’ and choosing your gallery.

You can then add your personal information:

1. Address

2. Phone number 

3. Email

4. Name 

5. Initials

All of these are optional so you can pick and choose which information you want to display on your Tag.

Once you are satisfied with your Tag and ready to add it to your suitcase select ‘Send’. 

You may need to press the power button inside your suitcase again as the Bluetooth connection lasts a limited time before automatically turning off. 

You can save the display Tag and add it to any of your Electronic Tag RIMOWA cases or create a different display for every case. Once the tag “turns off” your image will stay displayed on the screen using the unique electronic ink.


For any other questions please comment below and your question will be answered within 24 hours.