Curated Life Magazine X RIMOWA

Curated Life is a Toronto based magazine that centers on empowering/ empowered women. The magazine focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit and women in business, featuring and encouraging millennial women with workshops in addition to the quarterly magazine.


Curated Life

Curated Life was a finalist for  The Canadian Magazine Awards / Grands prix du magazine. View the full list of the finalists for the inaugural awards.

For the 3rd issue of Curated Life, Hayla Amini was featured. Hayla is a Flight Director for an international airline. Curated Life used RIMOWA cases for Ms. Amini to display her packing techniques and most used products inside her favourite luggage, the stunning and world esteemed Topas Collection. The segment was called How to pack a Carry on“.

Check out the beautiful video “How to Pack a Carry On with Hayla Amini

Issue 3 of Curated Life can be downloaded for free, or you can purchase prints here.


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