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Address: 101-101 Bloor St West, Toronto ON.


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Laura Lefebvre

RIMOWA Specialist, In-store social media, author on Pack a Rimowa

I graduated from University of Toronto with a major in professional writing, which I absolutely love, and English.

My number one goal in life is to travel. I consider myself a travel junky and never miss an opportunity to travel to a place I have never been before. I love interacting with different cultures and really trying to immerse myself, rather than hitting up the popular tourist destinations.

I live and work in Toronto, Canada. I really love this City, and I’m not alone, right Drake? I love all sides of Toronto. Whether it’s upscale Yorkville, where I work in a luggage boutique called RIMOWA, or the grungy back alleys of Queen Street, where I photograph street art.

RIMOWA has the power to change the way people think about luggage. Before working here I probably didn’t care about luggage at all, I struggled through the airport like the rest of the masses. Now, not only do I own pieces of RIMOWA and lust after other ones, but find myself thinking on a daily basis; “Wow this luggage is beautiful!!“” Yes, maybe weird to think of luggage as beautiful…but don’t judge until you have seen RIMOWA in all its glory for yourself.

My fascination with street art differs greatly from the area I work in- Yorkville girl by day, Queen Street back alley walker by night. I am the girl walking down the street, desperately swirling my head both up and down always looking for new inspiration in the streets. When I stop dead in my tracks and whip out my cell phone- you know I found something worthy of a picture!

You will also notice fashion seep into a lot of my posts. Going between the Queen Street fashion and Yorkville fashion can be tricky, as can be extremely different. But this makes it all the more interesting! I love finding a new deal in a vintage store in between taking photo’s of street art in Kensington!