Steven Palumbo

Steven is the empitome of stylish travelling. Working at Rimowa in Toronto since its opening in December 2009, Steven knows exactly what cases best suit which trips and what to pack to never be left in a jam. Let’s hear what he had to say about some of his best kept secrets and favourite travel getaways.

1) Which case do you travel with?

The Rimowa Stealth International carry-on. The Matte Black is sleek and stylish- exactly what you need for a weekend destination.

Stealth International

2) Do you usally check your luggage?

I try to never check if I don’t have to. I have gotten pretty good at packing. I can get a week’s worth into the carry-on now, although going home is a different story.

3) When packing your suitcase, do you roll or fold?

On the front half of the case (where there are no bars) I fold my items I want to keep flat and unwrinkled. On the back side I usually put shoes and then roll the rest. Then I use smaller items, like socks, intimites and t-shirts to fill in the crevaces and optimize my space.

4) Is there any one particular item that you cannot leave behind on any trip?

Music! Whether I use my iphone or ipod I can’t be without music on plane rides, it’s crucial!

5) What is your favourite fall getaway destination?

New York City.

6) Why?

First, fall fashion is amazing and everyone knows New York is full of great fashion, so this is the perfect season for people watching. Secondly, fall is the perfect season to take in the best of  New York. I can’t think of anything better than walking through Central Park in the fall, coffee in hand and seeing the gorgeous colours and smelling Autumn all around.

7) Tourist spots you should hit in New York?

If you are a first timer to New York, Times Square is a must. And my favourite, the top of the Emprire State Biulding (the view deck) at night- there’s no better way to see the City!

8) Tourist spots to avoid?

If this isn’t your first visit to New York, avoid Times Square at all costs, unless you like feeling like a pickle!

10) Where’s your next trip going to be?


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Steven and RIMOWA